The book is a story about a young butterfly called Becky who just went through the process of metamorphosis changing from being a Caterpillar to a butterfly.She was very stubborn .Her mum Becky instructed her never to go out to the fields to play alone because of the other animals that could eat her up.There were the birds ,monkeys,rats waiting to eat up the young butterfly who was still learning how to fly.But she refused to listen to her mum's instructions. The young butterfly went out to have fun all alone in the fields.She was eaten up by a waiting bird. She cried inside the bird's gut and the entire animals begged the bird to vomit her out.Finally Tom the wise tortoise came around with an idea.He brought some seeds and begged the bird to have the seeds and let the young butterfly go.The bird finally agreed and blew his nostrils.

The Very Stubborn Butterfly
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