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What we  will do  for you

-  Manuscript  Appraisal

- Manuscript Acquisation  

- Manuscript  Editing

-Arrangement  of Manuscript

- Rights  Acquisation and sale of book Rights

- Printing of  books

-Book Distribution  through  Amazon,kobo   books,Barnes  and Noble , all    online bookshops  worldwide  and Amazon kindle.

-Book  distribution-Online  and Prints

-Book Registration to Nielsen  UK  and Bowker book in Prints  U.S.A

-Digital  and Print  distribution of books

- Deposit to  British libraries

-Marketing  through facebook and other social media, magazines ,internet sites,exposure of  books  through google.

You can also buy our books from Nielsen booknet if you are  a  distributor or wholesaler or you can order directly from us. Contact us for wholesale prices and discount.