Be  Encouraged

Getting  over  the  losses of  Corona  Virus


Nobody is  immune to the pain of grief.When people lose their  jobs  they feel pain and do  cry ,

but  when they lose  someone they  love,the pain is  unbearable.It is better  to move away  from keeping the images of the lost one,stay away  from their  social  circles  to enable  your heart to heal

quickly.It is also  wise to hide memories such as Christmas gifts,other gift items  one  might have received from the broken relationship .And run away from  unsypmpathetic  people.



How  does  healing  come?

 Healing  comes  lifting  burdens  ,but  wicked  acts  keeping  hurts  lingering  so  move  away from  such  events  as  court  cases,fights,court  judgements,while you are  grieving.And run away  from  people who  cannot  say  words of healing,when  you  tell them the story of your  grief.To find healing quickly  stick to faith  books  and things that remind  you about  after life  and love,knowing fully  well  that life is a passing shadow,it is inevitable that hurts will come,but you must be  someone  with hope.


At the end of the tunnel  something good  comes out.


  You need to  move on


Everyone  goes  through    challenges  in life.While  you may  have been  able to copewith the  challenges  that  you've  encountered, it is  always  a  good  idea  to seek extra  support  when you need it.Infact  when you realise that you need  a helping hand, you are taking responsibility  admirably  by facing the challenges  you encounter  in life.Therapy  will give you  long-term benefits  and the tools  you need  to overcome  whatever  difficulties  you may have encountered.



What happens when you are  encouraged?

You will have a sense  of hope  and optimisim as opposed to negativity  and pessimism.Graceful  discusses  the things  that are currently  happening in our lives  ,things  that  happened in the experiences  that are relevant to everybody's  issues  and review the gains  we've had  from the previous  events  as all these experiences  are  for our own good.Good  things  come  after the  dark clouds.