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Graceland Books and Allied Ltd  RC 12223846

Graceland  Book Publishers  is registered  as Graceland  Books and Allied Ltd  printing and publishing books in the United  Kingdom for a global audience as far as  Australia ,New Zealand Africa and United States of America.Our  aim and vision is to  make   people to love books  and reading.


Manuscript  Acquisation

Graceland Book  publishers  encourages  all aspiring  writers to publish  their book., we  encourage  aspiring writers  by editing their works  to a  high standard  where it can be acceptable to a  global audience.

About  Us


Graceland  Book Publishers  offers opportunities  to  established  and aspiring  writers  to get their  thoughts  out to  a  global  audience.We  do not believe that any  manuscript is  bad  and no matter how  badly written a  manuscript is we will help you to transform it into a book.

Publishing  Services

Registered  Address                                                  

Unit 24

Highcroft  Industrial  Estate

Enterprise Road



United Kingdom

Phone : 07442797673



               Graceland  Books  and  Allied Ltd

               86-90  Paul street  London

               EC2A4NE  London

               United Kingdom




Our   founders  are   writers too. They  understand and  know the   aspirations and desires of  every   writer to have  their  books read .They know the joy writers feel when their  books are published because they've  been there.  We offer  a flexible  publishing contract that means that  every writer  will find the publishing process exciting  and fun.


We believe  that in every man there is a story and  a  book . We  do not take for granted  the fact that no matter  how  poorly written a  story might be there is a  message for mankind because all books  are written by inspiration.

Our marketing team are   around  the world  to  liase  with bookshops  to get our authors  books  sold.We have online  presence in Amazon,Barnes and Noble and other major online retailing  outlets .We will present  your book to the  world because we want to  see  you smile  as  you get your fininshed book and see your books on bookshelves sold.